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A powerful tool created to be a catalyst in your soul's awakening...




The New Orleans Oracle Deck:
33 Cards + Guidebook

new orleans oracle card deck: package
Welcome to Your
New Beginning!​
Whether you are interested in getting a general sense of direction in your life or clarity around the best way to handle a specific situation, this set of 33 oracle cards by renowned intuitive mystic Fatima Mbodj invites you to step into the realm of absolute flow and clarity.
Deeply Inspired by the Culture of New Orleans


With the intention of divine unconditional love, this oracle deck supports and deepens a connection between intellectual energy and intuition.

The accompanying guide book explains the in-depth meaning of each card in simple yet profound language. And the beautiful illustrations  are both grounding and inspirational.

Whether an expert or beginner, a local or tourist, The New Orleans Oracle Deck will strengthen your trust of self and the light that resides within all of us! 

Divination & Higher Guidance for:
new orleans oracle deck - card readings for spiritual growth

Inner Growth & Spiritual Development 

new orleans oracle deck - card readings for love & relationships

Love &

new orleans oracle deck - card readings for future goals & desires

Future Goals
& Desires

new orleans oracle deck - card readings for career

Career: New Opportunities & Promotion

new orleans oracle card deck: spread
Tarot vs Oracle Cards: What's the Difference?

Whether you're a professional reader, a curious past-timer or a complete beginner, the world of intuitive card decks sprawls far and wide and has something for everyone. No matter your level of interest or experience, it’s great to have both Tarot and Oracle cards as part of your intuitive tool kit. And, it’s especially useful to know the differences between these two types of decks. 

While both Tarot and Oracle cards are used to gain clarity on life situations, it is primarily the structure of the deck types that sets them apart from one another. A Tarot deck typically consists of 78 cards, and is almost always structured in the same manner (having 4 different suits with 56 minor and 22 major Arcana cards). The meanings of these cards, which can be intricately detailed, remain fairly consistent. As such, reading the Tarot can require a certain amount of knowledge and skill. 

Oracle cards, on the other hand, come in a greater variety of energies and themes. These decks typically number fewer than 78 cards. Oracle cards can be more straightforward in nature. In a typical Oracle card deck, each card contains a direct suggestion and/or solution (as opposed to the more intricate and infinite discoveries offered by the Tarot). This makes Oracle cards a smart choice for beginners, or anyone interested in jumping straight to the heart of a matter. 

Still can’t decide which deck is best for you? No problem. It's not uncommon to own multiple decks or to use both Tarot and Oracle cards at the same time to add further clarity to a reading. 

No matter the type of deck that you choose to use, the most important thing is selecting one that you feel connected to! When picking out your deck, be sure to spend plenty of time with all of your options first. Look at the images. If possible, play with them for a while to see which ones resonate with you the most. In the end, go with the deck you are the most organically drawn to. 


Click on images for sampling of cards below to view in detail...

$44 USD + shipping

Total of 33 cards

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Disclaimer: Please be advised that no card reading can diagnose, predict, or offer information with 100% certainty. Product designer is not held accountable for any decisions or interpretations made by clients. For entertainment purposes only.

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